Where we farm

Willow Ridge Organic Farm is located just outside of Wauzeka, WI, on the Southern edge of Crawford County in the Southern half of the Driftless Area. If you climb Wauzeka ridge-- County N--to Coyote Lane, you arrive at the farm.

Willow Ridge is four miles from the town of Wauzeka where the Kickapoo River joins the Wisconsin. Just down river at Prairie du Chien, the Wisconsin flows into the Mississippi. 

The Driftless Area is noted primarily for its deeply carved river valleys, the result of having escaped glaciation during the last glacial period. As such, it is unique in the Midwest for its mountain ridges and stunning views. 

Never having been touched by glaciers, the Driftless Wisconisn Area is characterized by its beautifull topography. Forested hillsides reach down to valleys cut into limestone bedrock by cold-water trout streams. Forests, prairie remnants, wetlands, and grasslands provide habitat for wildflowers and wildlife.

Land is farmed by the descendants of those who first settled here, by the Amish who adopted the area, and by a new breed of organic farmer - that would be me and others like me. Organic Valley is not far and the area is the second largest in the country, after California, growing vegetables organically. 

The first and coolest phrase I heard describing this unique area was that it was called the Ocooch* Mountains. The word “Ocooch” translates as “where one goes to get nourishment.”  * (pronounced ooo-KOOTCH) No, I didn't make that up.

A documentary recently made about this area is worth seeing. It's called Mysteries of the Driftless and has been  seen on PBS and at some of our more local film festivals.